Reference Application

Kaikas Tutorial

Getting started

Kaikas Tutorial is a reference BApp that works with Kaikas. You can send Klaytn's various types of transactions in the Kaikas tutorial and refer to the source code to create your BApp.

  • Try out the application here

  • Check out the source code here

How to use it

Browse to with Kaikas installed. As soon as tutorial page loads up, it will send connection request via pop-up. If you click on the connect button, your address and balance will be shown. If you want to change network, open up Kaikas extension and choose network at the top-left corner on the main page. Kaikas tutorial page will automatically detect network and account changes.

Click on the drop-down menu at the center, and choose whatever type of transaction you want to make. (FYI, Legacy refers to ethereum-compatible transactions, and the others are transactions newly introduced to Klaytn network. For more information, please refer to Klaytn documentation.)

Fill up the required parameters and click the sign button. Another pop-up will ask for Kaikas user's confirmation. The result will be shown on Transaction Result section, and you can also check out transaction history on Kaikas extension.


Kaikas-tutorial, as well as other various Klaytn projects, is open-source and waiting for your contributions! Please visit, or to check out how to contribute to Klaytn projects!

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